English Club: Discovering the World


“Ancient Country of Dragons” was the name of informative and entertaining event that was held in our library. The meeting of the club members “Stranoved” began with an informative presentation and conversation about China. After learning new facts about the Celestial, readers answered the quiz questions. The children were curious about the news that it was the Chinese who first came up with ice cream, and they also invented a compass, gunpowder, paper, and finally, the first published book was in China. But the fact that the main plant crop in China and product that the Chinese use is rice, and the common drink that Chinese people drink several times a day is tea, was known to children. As the symbol of China is the Dragon, the pupils played the game “Catch the Dragon by the Tail”, depicting the dance of the Dragon. After learning some interesting facts about Chinese cuisine, readers tasted sweets with the help of Chinese chopsticks in the game called “Chinese Dinner”. In conclusion, the dessert of our meeting was “Fortune cookies”, in China, it is common to treat each other with cookies that hide wishes or prophecies for next year, so our readers, having written their wishes, treated each other, and most importantly, those Cookies-wishes loaded children with motivation to fulfill their cherished desires.


Did you know that almost 70% of English verbs are used in the so-called irregular verbs? The members of the study circle “Play and learn English” met each other at a grammar marathon and tested their knowledges in “Irregular verbs”. By being divided into two teams, the pupils wrote grammar exercises. Readers easily emembered the past form of irregular verbs with the help of the game “Domino». At the end of the meeting, participants checked their correct spelling on speed, entering the second form of the verbs and their translation on the board.